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Soft Floor vs Hard Floor Campers

Question: Are you confused by the Soft floor vs Hard floor debate?

Question: Are you unsure which would be best for you?

Answer: With the Cameron Camper, you can have the best of both worlds!

Why choose a Cameron !

  • Suits both couples or families
  • Easy one person operation
  • Effortless and quick set up and pack up (5 mins)
  • Great for people with bad backs or disabilities as no heavy lifting is required
  • Easier access for those with limited mobility
  • Passenger side opening for safety (away from the road)
  • Off the side tent for a better layout and can leave car connected and ready to travel
  • Heavy Duty 15 or 14 oz canvas
  • Light to tow for better fuel economy
  • Less tow weight on your draw bar
  • Shorter tow length
  • No cumbersome ratchets, pulleys, winches or handles. No injuring yourself
  • No pegs, pegs or guy ropes required. No tripping hazard
  • Wide easy steps instead of climbing a ladder (more prone to slip and fall)
  • Can camp on concrete as no pegs are required
  • Uneven sites are no problem – camp in those hard to reach places without making time consuming adjustments on the legs
  • No poles to figure out or to assemble or to lose
  • Tent size is not limited to the size of trailer (this is an issue with hard floor campers)
  • Room extension option available for more room (can be detachable or permanently attached)
  • Heaps of room inside tent for those bad weather days
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Sleep without climbing over your partner with extra bedside storage
  • Framed road cover option for extra storage space
  • Framed road cover doubles as a quick awning over the kitchen with instant lighting
  • Easy access to bed area while traveling
  • Storage area easily accessible and off the floor – no need to lift bed or lean over a dirty trailer
  • No floor sweeping needed as has internal self cleaning mechanism. Bed stays clean
  • Quieter underfoot than hard floor campers (they are known to make creaking noise)
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Brilliant: DIY washing machine hack saves hundreds on laundry

Jennifer Ennion
The best $40 washing machine you’ll ever find.

Camping holidays don’t usually require the washing of clothes, or so I thought.

A few days spent in the same flannelette shirt, boardies and/or bikini is what Aussie camping is all about, at least when you’re holidaying on the coast. Head bush and you might throw some hiking boots, thermals and tracksuit pants into the mix. But the idea of camping being anything other than a fun, grubby experience had never entered my mind.

That was until I hitched up my caravan and hit the Pacific Highway for a 12-month trip around Australia.

“I’ll just handwash,” I told myself. But after a few weeks bent awkwardly over laundry tubs in holiday parks I knew it wouldn’t last. I succumbed to dropping gold coins down washing machine slots so I could at least wash the dirt from bedsheets and winter woollies.

But when you’re travelling for a year, whether solo or as a family like me, coughing up $5 every time you want to do a load quickly eats into the budget. After all, that money could be better spent on my tea habit.

So, we did what all creative caravanners learn to do. We improvised. We called into the next Anaconda store we came across and bought a hardy 20-litre plastic tub with lid for $40.

The unlikely hero of our trip.

My husband strapped it to the drawbar of our caravan and I filled it with soiled clothing, water and detergent. We let the motion of driving over dirt roads and highways agitate our “washing machine” as we travelled between campsites.

Each time we arrived, the dirty water was tipped out, the clothes rinsed under council or holiday park taps and then sun dried. It’s one of the best camping hacks we’ve learnt and meant the few hundred dollars we saved could go toward more fun — and delicious — holiday endeavours.

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Unfortunately, a number of imported camper trailers claim “100% Australian designed and built”, “Proudly Australian owned” or “Australian made and owned”, so it is not easy for the customer to determine the country of origin.
All Australian made tents have a “care for canvas” label provided by the Australian canvas manufacturer sewn into the tent. Buying from a Guild member with this logo, is a guarantee of Australian manufacture.


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Love our new Slide On – Terry Joy and Trudye Hector

We first became aware of the Slide On camper at a 4WD / camping show in Adelaide about 3 years ago, and looked at it 2-3 times over the next couple of years. Our initial interest was sparked by the moon roof and I immediately saw the potential of feeling like you were still outside at night, part of the bush and nature, whilst still enjoying being nestled in the protection and warmth of a tent enclosure.

We finally bit the bullet and ordered one in February 2017, and actually took procession of the demonstration model we saw at the Adelaide Camping Shoe that month. We picked it up on the Wednesday just prior to the Easter break. During this time, Bronte and Jan were very helpful to us and spent considerable time helping us.

Consequently we took it home, had one day to set it up, hose it down and waterproof it, attempt to get used to it and set off for camping on Easter Friday.So our inaugural maiden voyage was camping in the lower Flinders wet of Quorn.

There were a number of features that we really appreciated and which made us feel very proud of our new purchase.

  • We both felt that the wide steps and comparatively low bed were better than most slide ons, and certainly made it easier and safer for getting in and out in the middle of the night.
  • The drop down fridge slide in the gull wing front box made viewing and access of fridge contents so much easier. No more climbing up ladders to access food.
  • The slide out kitchen / stove / table work area worked well and we think having a support pole on the end to take the weight off is both necessary and an idea that others might make note of. The 2 burner stove works well and we were amazed at how quickly we could boil the billy for that all important heart starting cup of coffee.
  • As mentioned previously, it was always the moon roof that drew us back to the Cameron time and time again. It was interesting that when I  said to Bronte that it reminded me of laying outside in a swag looking at the stars and counting satellites, he immediately jumped in and replied “That’s what I feel too and that’s why I built it.” It made us feel somewhat special that when I rang him and just mentioned my Christian name, he immediately said “Is that Terry of Terry and Trudye that like the moon roof”. He remembered us even though he would of dealt with hundreds of people. So in our inaugural Easter trip, it coincided with a full moon and clear skies and it was good to wake up with light and visibility in our beds.
  • The drawer fridge was good and gave easy access to those items used daily and on a my frequent basis.
  • Trudye felt that even though the wash basin with fold up handles was a useful addition, and more useful than a fixed set up.
  • We took the camper off the ute and set it up on its legs over the Easter period, which we would tend to do at any time when we were not travelling camping (different campsite very night). I was pleasantly surprised at its stability and also the ease of reversing back under it when it came time to leave.

All in all we like it, are happy with our purchase, and appreciate those features which make life a little easier than in the past. From my point of view, I go camping to be out in the bush, experience new places and sights and spend time absorbing nature and these things that make life worthwhile.

The Cameron Slide On gives me more time to do those things while knowing that life back at camp is satisfying. We appreciate the time Bronte and Jan took to make this possible.

Terry Joy & Trudye Hector


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Australian Canvas is the best in the world

Australian Canvas is the best in the world

Australian Canvas is the best in the world – and yes, Canvas is still made in Australia.

Wax Converters Textiles is the leading canvas manufacturer and is based in the Hunter Valley of NSW. They produce their canvas using the DYNAPROOFED process.

Made for Australia Conditions

Dynaproofed Australian Canvas The Dynaproofed range of canvas fabrics are tried and proven with many customers still having camper trailer and caravan tents performing well for over 20 years. This is due to only the highest quality ingredients being used for manufacturing with UV Stabilisers, Colour Pigment, rot proofing agents, mildew inhibitors, acrylic binders and water proofing waxes all scientifically and carefully selected. With Australia being the harshest outdoor environment in the world – other canvas manufacturers based in Europe, America and/or Asia do not require such high standards for their canvas to perform in their local markets. This means that their fabrics are not really suitable for the Australian climate.

Dynaproofed Canvas is produced to achieve 2 performance properties:
1. Keeping the rain out during storms, and
2. Allowing airflow inside the tent in hot and tropical environments. Thus, no condensation inside the tent.

The 2 aspects are not readily achievable and have come about with technically superior weaving constructions and production processes that WCT has developed over decades of canvas manufacturing.


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The Award Winner.. Service to the Industry by a Business – Cameron Campers and Cameron Canvas

We are proud to announce that Cameron Canvas and Cameron Campers have won the ‘Service to Business’ Inaugural Award for oustanding achievement and service to the Caravan and Camping Industry. John Scholz accepted the award on behalf of Bronte Scholz (as was away). Our big thanks to the Caravan and Camping Association for recognising our service, innovation and contributions to the industry over the many years.


Congratulations to all the Award Winners. It is fantastic to see such great talent in our industry.

Service to the Industry by an Individual: Larry Weepers
Service to the Industry by a Business: Cameron Campers and Cameron Canvas (Pictured) John Scholz,
Young Achiever: Alan Fairhead, Home of 12 Volt Northern
Innovation Award: Redarc Electronics (Pictured) Lex Clark

Pictured with CCIASA CEO David Duncan and President Mike Ford, Chairman of the Judging Panel Grant Piggott and sponsors Peter Attard (AdGrowth), David Smith (Discovery Parks) and Michael Siebert (Adelaide Expo Hire).

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Happy Testimonial

Dear Bronte and team,

We have just returned from a seven week trip through central Australia and the Kimberley and thought we would give you some feedback regarding our trailer.

Firstly, can we say that we are very impressed! We travelled from our home north of Melbourne up the Stuart Highway, across the Tanami Highway to Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater and Purnululu National Park.  From there we stuck to the bitumen for a while and headed over to Broome, then back on the dirt up to Gynlmarung Campground on the Dampier Peninsula.  From there we had a few nights in Derby and then spent two weeks on the Gibb River Road (including a trip up the Kalumburu road to Mitchell Falls)  We came back home via the Buchannan Highway and then on to Alice via the Stuart Highway.

Aside from one flat tyre, the only maintenance the trailer required was a slight tightening of the wheel bearings after around 5000km. With so many short stops we found the concept design far easier to set up and pack down than our original Cameron trailer.  We are very pleased that we allowed ourselves to be talked in to the framed dust cover as this provided invaluable shade during the heat of the day.  With a simple line of LED strip lighting around the inner edges of the dust cover, dinner time was also made much easier (it gets dark early in WA!)  We have also added LED strip lighting inside the tent itself which makes life at night time a lot easier.

The water tank was also a valuable addition which made everything that much easier – cooking, washing and cleaning up. The clothes drawer also made set up and pack down far quicker as it saved us from having to pack bags every morning.  Just as a note to future customers, the Coles “fridge bags” that retail at the checkouts for around $2.50 fit perfectly in the drawer.  We had eight of these bags lined up in the clothes drawer, meaning the tent never had clothes strewn everywhere – once again making pack up far quicker.

Due to the design and ease of this trailer we returned from our trip feeling refreshed. Our fatigue was non existant because we were not fighting with canvas or spending hours setting or packing up.

Please find attached some pictures of the trailer at Gynlmarung Campground on the Dampier Peninsula. We also have a video of the trailer coming out of Adcock Gorge (on the Gibb River Road) if you are interested.

Once again, congratulations on an excellent product. We are very happy with our new trailer and are looking forward to its next trip (hopefully Innaminka and the Gammon Ranges!)


Sarah and Troy Petschel


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Why choose a Cameron?

There are many reasons why to choose a Cameron Camper Trailer

We don’t just put our name on our campers but we put our heart into it… because building enduring campers is our passion.

We have over 42 years of manufacturing camper trailer and canvas experience. We know what we are talking about. “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.” Albert Einstein

We are a family business based in Lonsdale, South Australia since 1978. We are a brick and mortar business, not just simply a mobile number. We give you peace of mind that we will be around for years to come, give you service and will always address any concerns or issues that you may have.

We are an Australian leader of camper trailer manufacturing and guarantee that all our campers are subject to strict engineering compliance for Australia Standards and that the complete manufacturing process is conducted here in Australia with the very best of materials – including chassis, body, suspension, tent and canvas. We are a proud member of the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG). Don’t be stranded with an inferior product.

 Both our trailer and tent is all manufactured here in Australia. Many competitors claim that their camper trailer is Australian made but it may be just the trailer or just the tent or only the roof but not the walls! In doubt, ask. The Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We use only superior proofed canvas that is three times more waterproof than other locally supplied canvas. It is also mildew resistant, highly breathable, dimensionally stable with balanced canvas weights. A tough canvas made for tough conditions.

We manufacture all our tents from genuine Australian made proofed 508gsm (15oz) heavy duty canvas on our roof and walls for tear resistance and durability, greater insulation and light block-out. The natural hydrophobic qualities of canvas combined with it’s breathablity provides a product that is both water resistant and rapid drying. The canvas is treated to be mildew resistant. All tent work is double stitched and reinforced at stress-points for longevity, durability and greater sealing.

 We are innovative and one of the first to build camper trailers here in Australia. We use the latest rivet and adhesive construction technology and designed a number of patents including the clever easy fold technology for quick tent set up and pack up and the unique framed Dust Cover which doubles as a quick easy kitchen awning. There is a reason why we do things the way we do, to make camping easier.

Our campers is designed in minutia detail and always road tested to ensure it will withstand Australia’s toughest conditions.

Buying from us means you can have confidence in the quality of our products and that it will last, be reliable and safe for its purpose and not just an imitation or a copy. It also means that you can make further modifications to your camper, can be repaired by us or easily access replacement parts.

Cameron Campers gives a 5 year canvas warranty on all our Australian made campers for sale and a full handover at delivery, giving you peace of mind. We have many satisfied and happy customers all over Australia and we know you will be too. Check out our Testimonials page to see what our customers are saying.

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Camper Testimonials

Our Conquest camper has just finished half a big lap and has been admired by many fellow camper for its spaciousness when up and compactness when on the road.

Trevor Salvado

We were fortunate to have recently acquired a pre-loved Commando camper trailer from Cameron’s . The Easy Tent is the BEE’S KNEES, literally a 5 minute set-up in the dark on a recent trip to Kataraptko Creek where we arrived late at night. Such a difference compared to our old “conventional”  trailer tent .

The canvas and the workmanship are of  such high quality that I have no doubt we will be enjoying this camper for many years to come. Hats off to Tamara and Bronte and their team!!

Darren Mounkley

We have a Cameron Camper and love it! On the first night away, there was strong 180km winds with heavy rain over the two days and our Concept tent held up with no pegs! And no leaks! No bent or broken bars! We were absolutely blown away by how amazing the tent is. An excellent product.

Brandon Sawyer

Our Conquest is brilliant, living up to expectation it is easy to tow, great to holiday in and the kitchen is incredibly functional. Whether we are making a brief stop or setting up for a week, we adapt our requirements and enjoy the stay.

Our previous camper trailer, also made by Cameron, won us over. We loved hitting the road and grew attached to the simplicity of the older model. Then my husband saw the Conquest at a camping show and sent me a video. I was really taken by the kitchen design. It felt like a betrayal to take the plunge and buy it but eight months in, I am finally over any misgivings.

We have been fortunate to get away quite a bit given 2020 brought so many travel restrictions. We have tested the Conquest in all types of weather and it’s great. When we have had to shelter from wind and rain we were well protected. In the heat, the ventilation system works really well. We can set up confidently in full sun.

Bronte and team provide excellent after sales service. Bronte has thought out his design well. We make sure we could each set up and down independently should something happen to the other. The only thing I can’t do myself is engage one locking pin – ‘C’. A good reason to work on upper body strength. Everything else is manageable.

Rose Zanol

The storage on the Cameron Conquest is more than anything we were able to find. The nose cose holds an amazing amount of gear including bikes, chairs, stretcher beds, the baby seat and cot, all the outside awning walls and roof and much much more. The slide on the side we used for all our clothes and the kitchen storage is just ridiculous. The 560L box holds every pantry item you could ever image and the drawers and compartments make cooking and preparing meals easy.

The setup from parking to completely sorted with kids stretcher beds set up in the kids room takes me about 10-15mins. We have 2 x kids and usually when we arrive at camp the kids and wife go off and play and I quickly fold the tent out and set up the kids beds and open out the kitchen. It is really easy and has been well designed. This one has the extra kids room already attached, so once you have folded out the main tent you just push out two internal poles and lock them in and the kids room is done. People in caravan parks generally watch us as it all folds out and are surprised how much room there is and how effective the bat wings are.


Thanks for your assistance both during the original purchase, servicing and eventual selling of my Conquest.  Your friendly service and assistance since the original purchase until it’s final selling has been greatly appreciated.  I’m glad another family will be able to enjoy using such a great camper while exploring our great country.

You should be very proud that you have a world class product and have fantastic friendly staff that provide absolutely excellent service to your customers.

Robert Swann

We have just bought a Cameron 40th anniversary model offroad Conquest. We already own a Cameron 2009 slide on. We love your tent design so much.

Lorelle Campbell

Having seen them being built from the ground up in S.A myself I can say your campers are absolutely Australian made.

Jason Kotek

Can’t beat quality and good old fashioned service with personality’s to match

Ted Martin

Well done!! But honestly the quality and design of the product speaks for itself and as for after sales advice and service. I doubt you could get any better.

Cheryl Koler

I have a 2009 Cameron Camper and we chose Cameron as they were 100% Australian made, easy to set up and pack up and required no poles or pegs. Very happy with our choice and still actively using the camper to this day. Been everywhere and the camper has been given a thrashing, no breakages, issues or problems.

Keith Conrick

I have had a Cameron Camper Trailer for 23 years and have taken the camper to Cape York 3 times no worries. The camper has never let me down. I have now passed on the Cameron trailer to my son to create his own happy memories.

John English

The camper has been wonderful and we still look at caravans and wonder why people opt for them over a camper!

Eric and Meryl Stanthorpe

Been living in our Cameron Conquest for the last 2+ months on the road through SA, NT and Qld. Love it.

Robert Swann

We would like to thank the team there for their fantastic customer service and friendliness over the years. We have had a 2nd hand and new camper from you and so many adventures and memories created.

Dianne Rodgers

I just wanted to thank you soooo much for everything you have done for us and for all the time and effort you have put in to ensure our camper trailer experience is second to none. Your passion for camper trailers is catchy and your enthusiasm and attention to detail is amazing and truly inspiring! We are so fortunate to have stumbled across you at the camping show and thank goodness we trusted our instincts and went with your company.

Hermione and Ron Watts

Congratulations on your 40th Year anniversary

We first saw our camper at the caravan and camping show at Rosehill back in Early 2000 together with some friends of our who also liked the camper – after going through the details with the representative at the time – we purchased our campers and were told they would be ready in the following September. We picked them up in Adelaide in the September and went on our first tour up through Broken Hill, Menindee Lakes (when it had water) through Omeo, Walwa Resort, and Jindabyne just to name a few…. we loved our camper and the experiences we had in it… we had many weekends and holidays travelling far and wide throughout the five years we had it.  We sold in 2005 to our cousins, who had many trips in it with their family. At the end of last year we were fortunate enough to buy it back – our now adult children were so excited that it had returned home for us to create more memories.

This camper has travelled extensively throughout Australia from outback NSW and the Victorian High Country, South Coast NSW, through the Simpson Desert, into the Kimberly’s, out to the red centre, and into WA just to name a few. We are always inviting interested people in to take a look at the features and quality of our camper.

We have just over the camper with a fine tooth comb in preparation for our next trip to the Flinders Ranges – Strzelecki Track up into Birdsville.  After all these years, nearly 18 of them, there is no evidence of any metal fatigue or even a crack in any of the welds.  This is testament to the quality of the Cameron Camper build. The build of the Cameron and the quality canvas work is second to none – it has never let us down.

Happy Campers Karen & David Bate, NSW

Our first long trip in the camper – away for 8 weeks. We encountered a lot of rain and some very strong winds but the camper coped well.  Just had to be a bit careful in the pack up with the winds.  Was interesting the comparisons with the two other campers travelling with us (see photo 11).

Plusses and minuses of course but the bigger floor area, spacious kitchen benches/storage and generous headroom over the bed were clear advantages for given all the rain we are glad we purchased the awning and had the split mermaid, whilst struggling a bit in the heavy winds the mermaid gave us shelter at either end we couldn’t have done without. Very easy to tow – I had to keep reminding myself it was on the back.

Simon Wood

The Conquest towed great and so quick and easy to setup and pack up. Under 5 minutes to setup the tent side and another minute for the kitchen and first beer done. Can’t wait to hit the road to tour Australia.

Robert Swann

I have an early model Cameron Canvas camper, now approaching 25 years. It has been around Australia twice and across Australia twice, loaned to relatives and friends for camping trips and towed to improbable 4WD campsites. I love it for its simplicity, durability and ease of handling. Perfect for campsites around  the Victorian high country, where I live. The canvas and floor are still like new, frames and zips still function perfectly and there is no deterioration in the stitching. This is a high quality product which I have no hesitation in endorsing and it’s Australian made, as a bonus.

Gavin Sorrell, Alexandra, Victoria

I have had a Cameron Camper since 1993 and it has been great. Still using it today.

Alan (Sydney)

We got the camper up ( at dusk!) no problem at all. Had a lovely first night at Kuitpo forest reserve, only about 30 mins from you, in the hills.

Thanks for all your help. We’ll have fun stocking up on various container boxes at Mildura later today.

We love the camper and can see lots of adventures – in comfort! – ahead.

Mary and Peter

We both felt that the wide steps and comparatively low bed were better than most slide ons, and certainly made it easier and softer for getting in and out in the middle of the night. We took the camper off the ute and set it up on its legs over the Easter period, which we would tend to do at any time when we were not travelling camping (different campsite very night). I was pleasantly surprised at its stability and also the ease of reversing back under it when it came time to leave.

All in all we like it, are happy with our purchase, and appreciate those features which make life a little easier than in the past. From my point of view, I go camping to be out in the bush, experience new places and sights and spend time absorbing nature and these things that make life worthwhile.

The Cameron Slide On gives me more time to do those things while knowing that life back at camp is satisfying. We appreciate the time Bronte and Jan took to make this possible.

Terry Joy & Trudye Hector

I call it our Swiss army knife of campers as it has everything. We have as much or more stuff than some people towing trailers with the economy and convenience of a single vehicle. I love that it’s so quick to set up if you want to stop on the side of the road. The fly cover on the top gives it extra protection from the weather. The cover over the kitchen is great in sun or rain (and we have had lots of both). It’s great to be able to get to all the draws and cupboards without opening the top and stop and cook lunch without any trouble, we also take the camper on picnics as we always have everything with us.

T & T Simon

Hilary and I were very impressed with our slide on camper, we were able to get to places that would have been inaccessible if we had been towing a trailer or caravan. The ability to be self-sufficient in remote area’s was high on our priority list as was a rugged built that would withstand the rigours of outback travel. I really appreciated the quality of the tent work and we both thought the wide steps and large queen-sized bed made for very comfortable sleeping. After a hard day of dust and corrugations the last thing you need is to be assembling poles and bashing in pegs, thanks to your ‘Concept/Easy’ design, and after a few days Hilary and I were able to set up our camper and relax with a cold beer/wine in less than 10 minutes.

Chris and Hilary Keeley

The Cameron Campers Slide-on may look like a sort of cross-between a roof top tent and a utility tray but the manufacturers actually claim that it’s easier to set up than a hard floor camper and thanks to having no pegs, poles or guy ropes pack up is quick and easy, especially for those who may be physically limited. Also, the bed is configured so that you’re actually sleeping across your vehicle, which means you won’t have to climb over anyone if nature calls at 3am, as someone who’s copped a few knees and elbows from such efforts in the past, this is a great design feature in my book.

Unsealed 4X4

We have had our slide-on camper since 2008. We really liked the back up service, the hot plate was great to use over the fire and the camper tent was easy to get in and out.

Mark and Tracey Wade

We really enjoyed our 10 weeks of travelling with the camper. We setup nearly every day and kept on the move so were able to see so much of the outback. It was great being self sufficient.

D & J Thomson

Travelled almost half of Australia on dirt with no problems and we love our bush camping. Survived category 2 cyclone with our annexe up, no problems or breakages.

Mike & Lyn

We found the draw fridge excellent, the kitchen works great and the canvas work is the best.

P & K Gaskell

Thank you all very much for the effort put in and working as a team. Seems like a happy place to work! Thanks Guys.

T Price

It is all and more than what we expected. It was great to be treated so professionally and have the time afforded to us by your staff. We really appreciate the fine tuning to suit our car. The whole process was great! We will be definitely be passing on our recommendations.

Felicity & Lance

Cameron Campers have a VERY good deal if your going for a single cab they have a box on the back and roof racks with a fold out camper. I preferred it to the carry on camper, it sits lower and looks a lot stronger and more comfortable.

Australia4WD forum

People can’t believe how much space we have once the camper is set up as it is so compact on the Ute.

W & B Schulz

I love my slide-on camper. The best part is the easy access bed and I love the draw fridge. After 5 days camping, the fridge is still running!

D Bowman

We totally loved the freedom of having our accommodation on our back.

K Hampton

Great customer service. Have enjoyed meeting and dealing with everyone.

P Lucas

We took the companion camper on its maiden voyage for 3 nights to Double Island Point. Had a ball!! Camper is an absolute cracker!!! Very comfortable and warm.

T Svancar

So easy and quick to set up. So easy to get away.

R Caine

Love our tray camper, go anywhere, anytime. Quick and easy to put up and down and meets all our needs.

K Hampton

We have returned from our epic journey and the camper worked extremely well. We could have sold the camper 10 x over.

S & B McFarlane

We love everything about our camper. The bed is comfortable and especially love the fridge draw, which allows the Waeco to keep the drinks cold. We bought a camp shower and placed that on the rack to soak up the sun while travelling and were able to have a warm shower at the end of the day. We love the fact that we can make a last minute decision, pack the food and we are  off.   

B McHahen & P Brightwell

The slide-on camper is great and I am very happy with the service. When I set up my slide-on camper, people are amazed at how much tent area comes out of a small unit so easily.

S Brooks

The previous owner had repaired it with bicycle patch type ovals which couldnt cope with outback QLD last summer- we wilted a bit too.
Love your canvas, a couple of times we’ve been away and thought it was still dark outside when the sun had been up for ages.
Your customers must all have a reputation for being lazy!

Kendra Radford

Thank you so much for the lovely new addition to our family – we LOVE it.

Bronte we really appreciate the time you spent with us on Friday, thoroughly working through everything on the camper…. and the written instructions came in handy, preventing any hint of a fight J. We arrived at camp around 4:30pm Friday, at Punyelroo with park managers looking nervously on as they knew it was our first time. Well before we knew it it was up and operational. Mick the park manager was most impressed with our efforts and VERY impressed with the camper, he couldn’t wait to have a sneaky peak – he appears to be a big fan of the Cameron camper.

We had a fantastic relaxing weekend, continually being amazed. I must mention that throughout the weekend I kept look at the camper and said to Kelly how good a condition it was in, it actually looks brand new so thankyou for all the time and effort you put into the camper. We have a saying at Yalumba, ‘we do the little things brilliantly’ and I think this can be said for you and your products… even down to the ‘CC’ branding on all aspects of the trailer.

Thanks again to both of you , you have been very supportive and patient with us and we are grateful.

Sarah & Kelly

The concept tent makes set up for one night a breeze. Especially with the hard frame cover over the kitchen.

David Harmer

The camper got a good shake up on the 150k dirt section of the Mereenie loop road. We shook a few nuts loose over the corrugations, but nothing major. The camper towed really well for the whole trip, and fuel economy was better than I expected.

Mark and Kirsty Elson

The Conquest really is easy as. Excluding the annex we were set up in 20 mins and just as easy to put down. This IS the way to go and heaps of storage. Well done Bronte and Jan.

Reuben Summerell

Lots of shade, comfy bed, great kitchen, lots of room inside and out…… love it. Reuben Summerell is happy that I’m happy to camp more often.

Angela Summerell

 Can I say how much we our new Conquest. Have been marvelling for days at how clever and well thought out the design is.  We cannot wait to hit the road with it next week!!

Tammy Manna

We had an imported camper top to fit our trailer and we were not happy with it. We chucked it and replaced it with a Cameron EASY tent top and it fits the trailer perfectly, hell it is good! It’s like it’s made for it from new. We have found the tent so easy to flip out and people have come up just to look at it. One camper said he saw us rock up and then the next thing there was a house set up! The bed orientation is great, steps to stand on is great and you don’t hit your head on the roof and love the bed awning, it is always used. Everything works well the way it’s meant to. Workmanship is outstanding.

Roderick Filsell

We have had 2 Cameron Campers over the last 15 years or so. The original is still in great condition and being used by a friend. Our upgraded Concept is fantastic and travelled many miles off road without an issue. Bronte, Janeece and the gang at Camerons have always been very helpful and friendly. I would not hesitate in buying another if we want a further upgrade in the future. Highly recommended.

Kerry Wright

Outstanding build quality, great service and everything explained. We have had a cameron camper for over 2 years and cannot fault it.

Mark Santospirto

Been to the Kimberley for 7 weeks and absolutely love our camper and think it is brilliant. So easy to set up and love the framed dust cover over the kitchen (we put led lights underneath the cover for lighting). Our Concept went through a “mini tornado” in WA. Everything in the kitchen was thrown about the campsite, but the tent/trailer was a solid as a rock. Others at the campground weren’t so lucky. Very impressed!

Sarah Petschel

We love our Cameron Camper and have had ours for over 12 years. We find it much easier to set up and pack up than a hard floor camper and the Cameron has never let us down.

John Loeche

We love the kitchen and how we can set up the camper easily within 10 minutes.  Travelled through the Simpson Desert and our camper was dust proof, had 4” of rain within an hour yet our camper stayed dry. Our camper is the envy of all the others.

Jan and Duncan Thomson

.Brilliant camper trailers we love ours. Have dragged ours off-road through the outback few times, just home from another big trip never disappoints highly recommended.

Pina Cliff

.The only camper left standing in gale force winds at the Renmark Caravan Park was a Cameron, some say they don’t need pegs but we would like to see them in those winds!

Craig Bell

.No regrets. Great quality products.. well sorted. Money well spent.

David Harmer

.It was fantastic meeting you today and having you show us how wonderful your new campers are. We were very impressed, after seeing yours, none of the others we looked at compared at all!!

Gaylene Clark

.Was nice to see you all. We had to come and check out the new Conquest looks great!

Cheryl Koler

.G’day, Just wanted to say that our Cameron Camper is awesome. We did a quick trip up and down the east coast from Melbourne to Fraser Island and back, just over 4000kms in the 9 days without any dramas what so ever. Love the quick set up, the road side stops, the off road ability and the look behind the Prado. Thanks for making such a great product.

David and Elke Lethlean

We had a classic for 10 years and late last year bought a Concept, we have been to WA and Queensland with it. The best thing is it so easy to put and collapse. We are in our early seventies and can handle the Concept with ease. It allows us to go along four wheel drive tracks with confidence. A great buy thanks to Cameron’s.

Peter Roodhouse

We had a huge downpour of rain for hours in 45 degree heat. The camper trailer next door (not a Cameron Camper) leaked really badly while ours stayed nice and dry inside. We think our Cameron Camper is fantastic, has heaps of storage, no need to lift boxes in and out and our Baby-Q webber fits inside the trailer easily. Everything in the camper works perfectly and the layout is great.

Mark Sprito

I just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed using our Cameron Camper. We have been so some amazing places and had some great holidays. The camper has always been reliable, it has never leaked or blown down, its very sturdy and secure. The camper has been so comfortable, easy to erect and take down. We particularly loved the space and being able to put out the table inside on cold and wet days. We have appreciated the ventilation and fresh air, the camper has never been hot and stuffy. The ability to cook outside is great and to be sociable. We hope you enjoy the camper as much as we have.


Just to let you know we bought a 2nd hand camper and had our first big trip to Arkaroola and the Flinders.
One day whilst out 4wding our campsite experienced a significant wind event (according to some – a mini cyclone). When we got back, all tents were gone, a number of caravans had left and only one other camper trailer was left standing (although completely ruined with bent steel poles and torn materials). Our camper was still upright, although filled with dirt (we did not shut the flaps) and all gear tossed around the camp site. We are still missing some equipment which flew away into the never-never. We had only minor damage to the camper – which did not impact on the rest of our trip. It is only in extreme events like we had, can you really appreciate the quality and construction of the CC.
Thank you for building such a quality product.
I was a bit sceptical at first about how easy it would be set up/pack up an Cameron but after a few times to my surprise its a lot less effort over our old one (10 years). Even the awning is very easy to set up/pack up.

Andrew and Linden

We have had our Cameron Camper for 28 years. A beautiful camper and we have been all over Australia with it. I have found the thick canvas used is a great insulator. We use the camper trailer a lot and the only thing that needs replacing is where it goes over the wheel arch. Our next trip is to Queensland to see the children play sport.

Peter Harvey

I must start off by saying what a great product you put out. My wife & I purchased our camper trailer exactly 3 years ago from a family friend (Ian Cameron) down in Mittagong NSW. We had intended to get straight into using the trailer however with our kids 4,2, & 6 months old we didn’t get out as often as would have liked. After getting through a family setback we are now getting out & about a lot more often & find the camper trailer to be very roomy for our 3 kids & we have enjoyed some great family trips away in recent times.

Glenn McDonald

.Just hired a Cameron Camper for 2 weeks – had an awesome trip up the Oodnadatta Track! Five stars for the camper, it travelled great & was easy to put up (this was our first time to ever use one).

Mel White

I was a bit sceptical at first about how easy it would be set up/pack up an Cameron but after a few times to my surprise its a lot less effort over our old one (10 years). Even the awning is very easy to set up/pack up.

Stephen and Gloria Ellis

Bought a Cameron camper trailer (I think some people call them tent trailers now) about 15 years ago. Never been disappointed. From memory a Sth Aust company. At the time, I did a heap of research and this one came top of my list.

SurfanFish comment on myswag

We spent 3 days camping along the Gibb River Road with our Cameron camper in gale force winds. We did three tyres in 4 days and the wind was so bad that our vehicle rear window came out! Regardless of the strong wind, we were able to put the camper up and down easily and the camper handled the wind really well. We also had no problems with the dust or trailer. I would go away in windy conditions again, no problems at all. Well we travelled for 5 weeks in July and August and covered over 8,000 kms. Mostly dirt roads and 4WD tracks.
We did the Savannah Way east of Katherine and Cape York. The roads at times were very corrugated and rough. In all we had 9 4WDs, 6 motor bikes and 6 trailers.
3 of the trailers had serious problems with suspension, cracked A-frames, etc.
My camper trailer did it with ease. Only a couple of minor problems which I will tell you about.
1. The stove fell to bits. I put it back together and made sure all the fastenings were tight. (This sort of problems is to be expected on the corrugated roads we travelled on )
2. One of the drop down stands at the rear of the trailer ended up falling down on the corrugations and getting bent. (obviously our fault in not tightening it properly after use)
For us to have only those two minor problems we could not be happier. You make an excellent product.
For you info also everywhere we went other travellers were looking at our camper trailer and were impressed with your product also. Thank you.

Allan Heller

.Looks great – those Cameron’s certainly have a good reputation!

comment on myswag

.I like the extra room idea for the kids. I love the lack of guy ropes and the simplicity of the whole set up.

comment on myswag

.We have been on two trips since we saw you in Melbourne at the show and are enjoying our trip very much. The camper is great.

Bruce Parkinson.

Just returned from the bush with the amazing home on wheels (Cameron Concept Camper) could of spent forever living out of it, comfortable and dust proof!!! Well thought out design that really works. Thank you Cameron 🙂

Jill and Tony Elbourne

Last year we travelled with our camper north as far as Harvey Bay including a week on Fraser Island. We frequently go away for weekends from Ararat, Bendigo, Ballarat, Beachport, Apollo Bay to name a few. We love our camper as much today as when we picked it up nearly three years ago.

Richard, Jodie & Blake

My wife convinced me that she would like a camping trailer so after many months of searching and researching we both agreed without hesitation that Cameron campers was by far the best. After 9 years we still own it and love to get away in it. The trailer has never let us down and the canvas is by far still like new. We do go off road and it is easy and well balanced to tow. Thanks so much Cameron campers.

Danny Lendvay

.Just on our way to Halls Gap with the camper trailer. Wanted to say thanks to you and your team for your efforts.

Many thanks. B Shanahan

I’ve got a cameron camper ALL aussie made and from SA (important to me), Its a soft floor but the dust cover is a instant annex over the kitchen. all up my wife and I can set up under 5 mins with cover over kitchen and 12 mins more for the full anexe. We decided on this one because of the speed and ease of use and very important to us my wife or one of my kids can pack it up by them selves if something happened to me in the middle of nowhere.


 +1 for Cameron Canvas – concept tent model.
I have one and it is dead easy. Has a strap that connects all the frames together. Just fold out the ladder, step up to get a little height, grab the strap and pull. Whalah! it all just folds out. Packing up is just as easy.
I have the soft cover to the trailer and is no hassle.
Great product. They have patents on the design, its that good.
No connection with the company, just a happy camper.

Post on MySwag

Got my Cameron home today! What a great looking unit. Looking fwd to getting out and enjoying it with the family.


Wow how easy is the Cameron Concept Camper to set up.


+1 for the Cameron Concept Camper. My kids help me set it up now. Our bed is king size, so easily sleeps 4.

Post on MySwag

.The easiest setup I have seen is Cameron Canvas from S.A …. Very easy setup for one person with their concept tent.. My wife is very short and she did it in the show room on her own also..


We have owned four camper trailers in the past and they all failed us. These were both hard and soft floor campers and the stainless steel kitchens literally fell apart and we weren’t even on rough road! We chose a Cameron Camper because of it’s design, layout, the fact it is easy to use and the staff was easy to talk to and deal with.

J & T Wastell

.Love the ease of set up, the bed is fantastic as its roomy and can get in and out easily. The annexe is also great and the kitchen works really well.

Peter Haines

We often look around at the camping shows and we still say that Cameron Campers have the best. We love the kitchen and layout and we also love the bed, no climbing over one another. The lock-in drawer makes life easy.

Colin Hampton

Just thought I would let you know how happy we are with our camper. Just got back from 3 weeks away around Darwin & Litchfield and putting it up and packing it up every day was a breeze.

Jo Birt & family

Both vehicle and camper performed beautifully. Given the manageable size and weight of Cam (our camper trailer) we were able to get into some great camp spots that others couldn’t. We found the ease of setting up is great, the camper is very good in hot weather as there is great ventilation with all the windows, camper easy to manoeuvre and lighter to tow, the bed is very comfortable, kitchen has lots of beach space which Wendy loves, canvas work is first class and the kids love it.

Paul and Wendy Shea

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. It is much appreciated. It’s always exciting but daunting preparing for a holiday so to be able to do it with so little hassle has been an absolute bonus.


We have been on about 4 trips now with out camper and we love it!! The Camper has and will give my family many happy memories for many years to come, getting into camping with a Cameron Camper is something I would recommend to anyone I know and meet.
If any one is in the market to buy a Camper trailer, give the guys and girls a call from Cameron Campers and I guarantee you wont be disappointed. Also don’t be scared in Buying from Adelaide.

Ted Martin

Just thought I would let you know we got many looks on the way, definitely turned heads. 1st person approached us about the tropical roof, asking if it was removable and what a great idea. 2nd person spoke to Michael in regards to the boat rack, also another great idea. 3rd person spoke to Michael about the stone reflector and we had 2 people walking around it while we were having a coffee.
Also I noticed when we were coming home there were a couple of guys at the Balhannah pub looking at it impressively.
Great weekend away. Thanks Guys

Fay & Michael

While on a recent camping trip with my family, I found myself reflecting on how fortunate we are to have purchased a Cameron Camper Trailer.
While our “Heavy Duty, Off-Road, Next Gen” trailer with the “Concept Top” is clearly very well made, it’s the little things that actually impress me the most. Design innovations such as the East-West bed, the room extension, the side door on the toolbox all the way down to the little tabs sewn in to the canvas to hang a light from. Not only are the people at Cameron Canvas good at cleverly designing a good product that works well, they also continually strive to improve their products. Neighbouring campers have often commented on how impressive our camper trailer is and I find myself heartily recommending the Cameron Canvas company to them.

Gavin Hammond

 We bought a 2nd hand Cameron camper 4 months ago. We are very impressed with the quality of both the trailer and canvas.

critchcote – post on myswag

.You won’t be disappointed with the Cameron, it will serve you well for many years to come.

Post on MySwag

I have been into camper trailers for  some time now and the work Cameron do is first class. I had a mate who custom built his trailer and had Cameron do the canvas work. I also have friends in Kimba who bought one of there campers and it really shows that they know what they are doing.

jthgodfrey – post on myswag

I travelled Australia in a Cameron Camper last year we did the Kimberly’s, Kakadu, The Cape and lots of other parks tracks etc. We went through tight twisty tracks, sand, rock, dirt etc and never had any problems.


.Stood up in gale force winds at Lake St Claire. We camped in snow without any problems. Other couples watched and said “Gee, that’s easy!”. It is a very well-made product.

Geoff Fergusson

Just wanted to thank you all again for making the process of organising our new camper trailer so easy. We are very happy with the set up.

Simon and Debbie Rich

We’re in Melb but own a Cameron Concept Camper from SA. Once you’ve owned a few campers, you realise what you need, and this suits our family perfectly. Can’t beat the quality and setup time. So easy a 7 year old can do it. Check it out. We find the setup is very quick for a weekend away, and the full setup is around 45 minutes when we plonk ourselves for a week plus.

Lloyd Hill

I love the cameron canvas concept (read fully in lust with it). Hey if an 8 year old girl can do a basic set up in that time there would be hope for me.

Post on MySwag

We just spent 8 weeks away on a trip to the Kimberleys and back, absolutely no hassles! The unit towed very easily. We had a large group and it was great that no one was waiting for us to pack up before moving on, it was very quick to set up and pack up! We found the steps were great for older people with bad knees and our bed was very comfortable. Also, the shelf was handy to get things out of the way and make more room inside the tent. While away we got caught in rainy weather and had others in the group sheltering like chickens under our dust cover. Very happy with our Concept Camper, no criticisms.

John and Judy Gotch

The Concept camper was our home for 10 months while travelling around Australia. we loved the overall design of the camper – the kitchen, the bed, the steps were easy to use and set up and great for comfort. It took no time at all to set up which was great.

Adrian and Karen Argent

.After years of travelling in the bush, I have finally found something that is tough, reliable and comfortable.

Tony Lynch

.I have just completed dragging one of your magnificent off road HD camper across the Anne Beadell Highway!! What a great trip. The camper performed absolutely to a treat, no problems at all.

Peter Hastings

.Love our robust camper – will go anywhere. Strong as an ox – no problems despite rough use.

Dale and Bev

Michael and I would like to thank you for your time and help in showing us around your fantastic camper. You guys have developed a user friendly, great quality, family orientated camper that would suit our needs. That’s why we made the decision to purchase your show model…… Yippee, we are so excited!!!! The friendly service of yourself, Bronte and Seona means a lot to us and makes us feel comfortable in the decision we have made knowing you are there to help.

Michael, Charmaine, Kaleb and Haylee Moulton

.We still use our Cameron Camper after 15 years! Still looks good! Would love to buy another one.

Richard and Nikki Birrell

What a pleasure to see this perfect camper trailer. Myself as a women to pack and unpack this new vision of camper trailer is the best I have seen on this show. Now I am very confident to do camping myself with no more pegs to go into the ground.I will sell the older one which is too hard for one person.

Barbara Prespe

Amazing! So quick to put up and down. 1st time in a gale.

Raelene and Dean Cutten

Brought our off road trailer in May 2007. First trip was over 18,000 kms, 3 months Fraser Island, Cape York, Gulf, Kakadu, back through the centre, trailer performance was excellent, not one breakage.

Adam Stapleton

.New Concept trailer is fantastic, quick set up and everything is where it should be.

Steve and Nicole Ramke

.Concept Trailer really great – 8 weeks on the road and loving it – Cape York no effort.

Bruce and Jan Forman

We have been away, our first trip, we spent 4 nights on the side of a mountain on private property at Mytleford with the 4wd club. It rained non stop for 4 days and fairly cold outside. Then up to Echuca/Moama before heading over to our block at Jeparit (near Dimboola) before heading home.  The weather at Jeparit was magnificent, even slept with the moon roof open, what more could we ask for. We are loving our camper and looking forward to the next time.

Richard, Jodie & Blake

New Concept Trailer is great. So easy to put up. Many more happy trips to come.

Richard Taylor and Caroline Griffiths

.Wherever we were the camper stayed clean inside, no dust or mud got in at all.

Kylie and David

After several years use of a soft floor camper, we looked for a hard floor camper to speed set up and pack up time. Came across the Cameron Camper with the unique system of framing in a soft floor called the “Concept Camper” and realised it answered all our questions. It is very quick up and down with all the room of a soft floor camper.

Paul Martin

We are stoked with your product!. The camper is well finished with plenty of paint on it to resist any corrosion and wear and tear over the coming years of use, everything is good and comfy! tows beautifully as well. Tell your staff and tradeys etc that they do a great job!We will certainly recommend you and Cameron Canvas to friends and people we meet on our camping trips in the future!

Dene, Helen and Jordan

The unit had a lot of interest by passers by and others camped nearby as to the layout and ease of setting up, we have always watched others setting up tents, trailers and pop-tops etc over the years so its our turn to be watched!.. We’re not that smooth with it yet but that’s just a matter of a little more practice!. I think it’s a “National pastime” to sit and check out technique, skill, equipment and whether or not there is any rising stress levels among the participants setting up a campsite!.. No stress with the Cameron!

.We love the Quality and ruggedness of the trailer and the canvas and as our home for 6 months. Came to love all the little things that make travelling and camping such a delight.

Kerry and Wendy

Thanks for your call & email ; you scored 10/10 for your instructions as we reached Horsham in the gathering gloom & managed to erect the camper without difficulty with only a single street light in the camping area to assist us. Everything else has passed all our expectations & we are delighted with how the whole camper/trailer works. Towing was easy with little wind resistance or drag/braking problems to worry about.

Peter & Suzanne Lucas

Many thanks for your attention & help over the last few months. The next day we registered the camper(again no problems)& set off for Halls Gap in the Grampians; here we had the luxury of setting up in daylight. That night (about 2am) we were hit with wind gusts which sounded & felt like a tsunami coming up the valley & the camper held up even without pegs(amazing).


Finally had our first experience with the camper on the weekend and had a great time.


The camper was great with many ‘ticks’. Nice to know our choice lived up to expectations and I’m sure you feel the same way. We found our camper easy to tow. The camper was set up and ready to sleep in less than 10 mins after arriving. Not bad for our first solo attempt. It was lovely laying in bed looking through the moon roof at the stars, then lightning then rain as well as thunder and shocking wind. Good to see the canvas and camper survived the strong winds, now we can withstand any weather condition mother nature can throw at us.  Packing up was almost as quick as setting up.

Richard, Jodie and Blake, Victoria

.The best mattress we have ever slept on. Enjoyed our trailer immensely.

Sue Cocks

Without a doubt, we have never seen a better camper trailer or had ‘trailer envy’. Yours is a superior quality, and we always receive requests for manufacturer. We have never regretted purchasing Cameron Canvas. We didn’t merely like our camper. We love, love, love IT!!!

Paul Bishop

We had no trouble putting up the camper for the first time. The trailer towed like a dream – you did not even know it was there. We had no difficulty driving through Sydney traffic. On our way home from Adelaide, we didn’t put the annexe up but used the trailer cover over the kitchen area. we had a least three people comment on it. One lady who had travelled extensively throughout Australia said she had not seen one and what a fantastic idea it was. We had no trouble putting up the awning and annexe and was surprised at how much room we had. All in all, we are over the moon. Having researched many different makes of camper trailers, we know we made the right decision. We can’t wait to get off road.

Sue and Jim

We have travelled to various locations in QLD including Fraser Island, all over NSW, central Australia, Flinders Ranges, Innaminka and Camerons Corner. We covered some of the most roughest and remote roads in Australia without any hassles. There were plenty of evidence along the way that others with lesser quality trailers were not so lucky. Just thought you’d like to know we really appreciate the quality and can confirm that you don’t need fancy suspension systems. Even at 100ks on corrugated road you’d hardly know you had the trailer behind you.

Terry Hunt

The presentation of the tent and all the detail  was immaculate. Cameron Canvas shows great pride and respect in its product and you can feel it when unpacking the tent. The canvas work is very well made and of such high quality that we know we will be using this tent for many, many years to come.

Peter and Sarah Blewden

.We would like to congratulate you for producing a excellent product. The quality and finish of your campers are superior to any other camper we looked at.

Kevin and Sheryl Davis

After looking at all the campers at the show, we came across Cameron Campers and were immediately impressed with their displayed camper. We have four children and the design and size of their camper was very appealing. The fact that we could configure the camper to our needs was the main factor in choosing Cameron Campers. We highly recommend Cameron Camper trailers to anyone.

Kevin and Tania Marr

.18 years of camping (still in good condition). Super Cameron, Very good.

Brian Bolton

We have just spent 2 very wet and wild nights in Coffs Harbour. Double (tent) pegging in the middle of the night is lots of fun. Fortunately we are in the Council’s Holiday Park which has excellent drainage so we weren’t flooded out.

Wisnewski family

Our camper has held up very well, with only a minor amount of water on the floor, and a few tiny drips from the seams (remembering of course that it is brand new and hasn’t been seasoned). When you factor in sloshing around in 50mm of water to get to the camper it puts it all in perspective. Others here have been much less fortunate, both with camping location and equipment – it would appear we chose well.

The camper trailer performed excellently, it towed effortlessly and I had no trouble with the suspension. Putting the tent top up and taking it down became no trouble at all. By and large the canvas was quite waterproof. The bed is very comfortable, we were offered a bedroom when visiting friends but preferred to use our own.

Steve and Tina Playford

.I live in Swan Reach, Victoria (4 hours East of Melbourne). I saw your camper trailers on a TV program a few weeks ago.They look great and your web site is very helpful and appertising!

Jon (Lancaster)

.Have looked for 4 years and have always come back to a Cameron.

K and B Guthrie

We are really happy with the ute topper, its been 2 ½ years now and its holding up well, its well travelled having gone to Western Australia, The Oodnadatta Track, all over Queensland and Fraser Island, Kangaroo Island twice, Flinders Ranges twice, Clare, McLaren Vale, the south east and lots of trips to Deep Creek. We have been to places with the camper that we would not have been able to go with a trailer. In and out of cities & towns, and over some very rough tracks that you cannot get a trailer through.
I call it our swiss army knife of campers as it has everything. We have as much or more stuff than some people towing trailers with the economy and convenience of a single vehicle. I love that it’s so quick to set up if you want to stop on the side of the road. The fly cover on the top gives it extra protection from the weather. The cover over the kitchen is great in sun or rain (and we have had lots of both). It’s great to be able to get to all the draws and cupboards without opening the top and stop and cook lunch without any trouble, we also take the camper on picnics as we always have everything with us.
We have added our own bits like a solar panel under the roof rack. Shelves behind the fridge slide give us even more room. Plastic boxes with lids in the clothes draw, and in the space for legs we have lots of room for food (we don’t take the legs with us as there is no need to leave the camper as it’s so easy to pack up and you have everything with you).

From Trevor and Tammy Simon

Hilary and I were very impressed with our slide on camper, we were able to get to places that would have been inaccessible if we had been towing a trailer or caravan. The ability to be self-sufficient in remote area’s was high on our priority list as was a rugged built that would withstand the rigours of outback travel. I really appreciated the quality of the tent work and we both thought the wide steps and large queen-sized bed made for very comfortable sleeping.

After a hard day of dust and corrugations the last thing you need is to be assembling poles and bashing in pegs, thanks to your ‘Concept’ design, and after a few days Hilary and I were able to set up our camper and relax with a cold beer/wine in less than 10 minutes.

We had a fantastic week on Coburg Peninsular (Western Arnhem Land) and put the camper on its jacks to free up the 4WD for exploring the national park. This only took about 30 minutes and encouraged us to get the jacks out whenever we were more than a couple of days in one place.

So after 22000km’s we have only good things to say about our camper, we would like to thank you and your team for the outstanding support you gave us when we did encounter a problem. This wasn’t a showstopper but you pulled out all stops to ensure it was rectified. Communication can be very patchy in the outback but you guys were able to identify the issue remotely and deliver a fix to the nearest Post Office in a few days, impressive!

Your service when we dropped in on our way back home also deserves a mention. On a journey like ours we expect wear and tear, you weren’t obliged to restore our camper to its original condition but, in 3 hours, that’s practically what you did. Thanks again.

Our next adventure is overseas and regretfully we will have to part with our camper to help fund this. If when we get back, the urge to go outback is still with us, you can rest assured we will be contacting Cameron Campers.

Chris and Hilary

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Camper Trailer Buying Guide – Tips and Hints

Q. What is the most important component in a camper trailer?
A. The canvas tent.

Q. Why?
A. If it leaks or has condensation or mildew problems a holiday can be ruined and the camper is not fit for the purpose.

Q. How do I know if the canvas is fit for the purpose?
A. It should comply to the Australian standard for canvas AS 2001.2.18.1987 which is also the military standard.

Q. How do I know if the canvas meets this standard?
A. Australian canvas manufactured by Wax Converters, Bradmil and Defab meets this standard.

Q. Does imported Chinese canvas meet this standard?
A. Tests by the RMIT carried out on the canvas of three-leading importers of Chinese campers show each is very similar and falls far short of the Australian standard.

Q. What are the main tests for waterproofness?
A. The cone test. Results, Australian canvas leaks less than 1 ml. Chinese canvas leaked in the RMIT tests an average of 54ml.

Q. Is there another waterproofness test?
A. The hydrostatic head test.
A. Australian canvas averaged 53 KPA
Chinese canvas averaged 6 KPA

Q. Is imported 14 Oz ripstop canvas really 14 oz?
A. CSIRO tests carried out on typical Chinese canvas claimed to be 14 oz averaged only 11 to 11.2 oz.

Q. How do I know if the canvas is Australian?
A. Read the labels sewn into the tent.

Q. Does the canvas appearance indicate quality?
A. No. The performance properties are invisible. Only prescribed tests will give the answer. e.g. UV stability.

After studying the test results of imported Chinese canvas RMIT textile department have issued a report that the three samples of imported Chinese canvas supplied do not comply with the Australian standard AS 2001.2.18.1987

Based on these results expert opinion is that Australian canvas is far superior to the imported canvas of three leading Camper Trailer importers and based on these results the Chinese canvas is not fit for the purpose for camper trailer tents.

Conclusion – A purchaser can have complete confidence in purchasing a camper from a Guild member knowing that the canvas is Australian made and conforms to the Australian standard.