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Love our Cameron Easy tent and have your own trailer? The newly released Next Gen Converter tent is available to suit your 6×4 or 7×4 trailer and comes with loads of extras.

Don’t have the right size trailer? No worries, within certain specifications, we can modify the Next Gen Converter Tent Top to ensure of a good fit.

Introducing the amazing Cameron Easy tent. More room and lighter than a hard floor tent and uses a clever patented easy fold technology that requires only person to set up and pack up with no pegs, guy ropes and poles required. Incorporates a range of features designed to make camping even easier and more comfortable. Includes an exciting new easy access design which allows for repairs to be made without removing the tent, saving you in time and money.

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Our clever patented Easy Tent relies on our integrated poles technology for strength, quick set up and easy pack up. You simply park, swing away the framed dust cover for a quick awning over the kitchen, pull out the tent, and lock into place. It’s that easy!

  • Imagine camping wherever you desire; even on impenetrable or sandy ground
  • No more fumbling for guy ropes and poles
  • No looking for lost pegs or that elusive hammer
  • No need to work out how to set up the tent as there is simply no poles to connect and to install!
  • No need to make adjustments on the legs so the floor meets the ground
  • No more sore thumbs or frayed tempers
  • Simply pull out the tent and lock into place.

Take a look at these other great features:

  • A one-person easy loading tent that you can set up and pack up without assistance
  • Set up in minutes, leaving you to relax and enjoy your holiday
  • Less weight, more floor area than a hard floor camper
  • Gabled roof for better air flow and maximum water run-off
  • High peak tent, creates sense of space
  • Remarkably rigid and strong and proven to withstand windy and gusty conditions
  • Australian galv. steel internal framework for strength
  • 400gsm heavy duty canvas for best comfort and comes with heavy duty zips
  • UV light block-out canvas that is water resistant and rapid drying
  • UV light block-out canvas means sleeps-ins is possible
  • Tear-resistant canvas saves you time and money in fix-ups and repairs
  • Unique self-cleaning floor mechanism: no need to sweep ever again!
  • Two windows in draft skirt for extra ventilation and for access to inside the tent space
  • Queen sized bed ideally located so no need to climb over your partner to enter and exit bed
  • Comes with a bed curtain / room divider with zips for extra privacy
  • Generous three wide steps that is carpeted and with safety handrails. No lifting is required. Steps do not touch the ground.
  • Accessible bedside compartments and shelves, perfect for items like clothing, iPads and phones
  • Maximum ventilation as well as privacy from neighbours with the framed bed window awning
  • Bed “star gazing” window includes 4 panels for all seasons and options
  • All windows is midgee mesh proof and comes with external awnings
  • Waterproof tub floor to ensure better seal
  • Framed road cover allows for room to store items like chairs or a camping table on top of the tent or bed
  • Relocatable and free-standing framed road cover to provide alternative living zones
  • Includes roof fly for added fabric protection and insulation from the weather
  • Easy access for tent repairs, saving you in time and money
  • Love to entertain? The annexe is a massive 5m x 2.4m wide
  • Fully sealed annexe with a fully sealed floor and draft skirt. All walls are easy to detach and attach
  • Cameron awning design. No guy ropes is required which means no more tripping hazards.


Take a look at the features that comes standard.

Download Next Gen Converter Tent Features


You can trust your Cameron Camper for its build quality, reliability and safety.

Cameron Campers and Canvas’ accreditation and more than 45 years of canvas and trailer manufacturing experience give you the peace of mind that you’re purchasing a quality product designed specifically to withstand our country’s extreme conditions.

We stand by our name with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We don’t just put our name on our campers; we put our heart into it because handcrafting enduring campers is our passion.

Buying from us means you can have confidence in the quality of our products at the best possible price, backed up with direct after sales service. It also means that you can make further improvements to your camper, it can be repaired by us, and replacement parts are readily obtainable.


Call into our showroom at Lonsdale and see for yourself how easy it is to set up and pack up. Try it out for yourself!


Love your canvas, a couple of times we’ve been away and thought it was still dark outside when the sun had been up for ages.
Your customers must all have a reputation for being lazy!

Kendra Radford

So easy and quick to set up. So easy to get away.

R Caine

The concept tent makes set up for one night a breeze. Especially with the hard frame cover over the kitchen.

David Harmer

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