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The Cameron Companion Compact Slide On Camper. The freedom of going where your heart leads you and discovering Australia’s incredible beauty, but with the flexibility of setting your own agenda.

Weekends or weeks on end, wherever you go, your camp goes with you, giving you the luxury of setting up camp wherever you want.

Deceptively roomy, luxuriously comfortable, secure and durable, the Companion Compact Slide On Camper offers the convenience of traveling when and where you want, but without the need to tow.

With the same exquisite attention to details as the rest of the Cameron Camper family, the Companion Slide On is handcrafted in every aspect. And just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality and luxury. The Companion Compact Slide On is loaded with innovative features to make even the most remote campsite seem like a stay at a luxury hotel.

Easy to set up, easy to pack up, the Companion Compact Slide On Camper is perfect for those with a craving for adventure and a penchant for exploring and enjoying the very best of what our country has to offer.

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The Companion Slide On has been designed using the latest modelling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) in minutia detail. It is proudly Australian made and constructed to the highest engineering standards, built with high-quality marine grade aluminium, and utilises the latest rivet and adhesive construction.

The Companion Slide On is suitable for most flat utility trays, comes with removable jack legs and will easily fit in a standard single garage.

All the features you want

Apart from its rugged good looks, the Companion Slide On comes with a raft of innovative features to make your next camping experience as comfortable as possible. And, while everything about the Companion Slide On says ‘Yes’, there’s a lot you should know about as well.

Check out some of the Companion’s innovative features:

The Slide on

  • No separate entity behind you, nor invert your brain’s hard wiring to reverse
  • Dust proof, waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight marine grade aluminium with rivet and adhesive construction
  • 55% lighter than conventional slide ons campers with no loss of strength
  • Easy to clean as accessories not exposed
  • Road tested in extreme conditions
  • Low and compact for easy access to height restriction areas or multi-storey carparks
  • Sits the same height as most ute cabs and protrudes no wider than your side mirrors
  • Unique lift up tailgate
  • Optional huge dust proof front storage box with tunnel boot and divider if you have the extra tray room
    • Front Storage Box has storage capacity of 821 litres
    • Great for storing bulky items like toilets, prams, extra fridge, generator, BBQ, dogs, tradesman tool box, to name a few examples
    • Can be fixed permanently to the utility tray or Compact camper
  • Clever, functional, stainless steel kitchen that’s easier to clean, corrosion resistant, and quickly accessible for those hungry roadside stops
  • 12V seven-stage DC to DC charger that charges as your car racks up kilometres
  • 30-litre draw fridge with CoolMatic technology to store perishable food items and keep drinks cold
  • Highest performance wok cooker with well spaced large dual burners and wind protection
  • Unique Cameron Campers design steel BBQ hot plate with generous cooking surface area
  • Hardwired LED lighting illuminates the kitchen workspace instantly
  • Efficient inside LED lighting for excellent illumination and lifetime warranty
  • Fingertip control of lighting and display water level gauge
  • 12v socket and USB port cleverly incorporated into the kitchen dashboard (your phone will never need to go flat again!)
  • Accessible manual control of pump switching allows easy and instant water delivery
  • Large lockable and easy slide drawer for clothes, shoes and other items
  • External access to bedside storage
  • Secure four heavy duty removable jack legs for easy removal from your utility tray top

The Tent

Our clever patented Easy Tent relies on our integrated poles technology for strength, quick set up and easy pack up. You simply park, swing away the framed dust cover for a quick awning over the kitchen, pull out the tent, and lock into place. It’s that easy!

  • Imagine camping wherever you desire; even on impenetrable or sandy ground
  • No more fumbling for guy ropes and poles
  • No looking for lost pegs or that elusive hammer
  • No need to work out how to set up the tent as there is simply no poles to connect and to install!
  • No need to make adjustments on the legs so the floor meets the ground
  • No more sore thumbs or frayed tempers
  • Simply pull out the tent and lock into place.

Take a look at these other great features:

  • A one-person easy loading tent that you can set up and pack up without assistance
  • Set up in minutes, leaving you to relax and enjoy your holiday
  • Less weight, more floor area than a hard floor camper
  • Gabled roof for maximum water run-off
  • High peak tent, creates sense of space
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Remarkably rigid and strong and proven to withstand windy and gusty conditions
  • Relocatable and free-standing framed road cover provides alternative living zones
  • More people? Add a unique room extension for an instant space
  • Authentic Australian-made proofed 508gsm heavy duty canvas for ultimate comfort
  • UV light block-out canvas that is water resistant and rapid drying
  • UV light block-out canvas means sleeps-ins is possible
  • Tent work is double stitched & reinforced at stress points for longevity and greater sealing
  • Tear-resistant canvas saves you time and money in fix-ups and repairs
  • Unique self-cleaning floor mechanism: no need to sweep ever again!
  • Comfortable queen sized innerspring mattress with pillow top for a blissful night sleep
  • Queen sized bed ideally located so no need to climb over your partner to enter and exit bed
  • Generous wide steps to easily reach a low queen sized bed. No lifting is required. Steps do not touch the ground.
  • Accessible bedside compartments and shelves, perfect for items like clothing, iPads and phones
  • Maximum privacy from neighbours with the framed window awning
  • Waterproof rip-stop tub floor to ensure better seal
  • Travel cover is composed of tear-stop reinforced polyester scrim, UV stabilised and fire rated. Allows for room to store items like chairs or a camping table on top of the bed and doubles as a quick awning
  • Tent roof and walls all totally Australian Made & guaranteed to withstand Australian conditions
  • Endorsed by the Australian Manufacturers Camper Trailer Guild
  • The Awning is a design exclusive to Cameron: no pegs or guy ropes needed


There’s not much we haven’t thought of when creating the Companion Slide On. It’s specially designed for luxury, comfort and convenience. However, there is a range of packages that allow you to customise your Companion Slide On to suit your camping preferences.

Need more storage? Add a front storage box for dust free secure storage of bulky items like chemical toilets, prams, second extra fridge, generator, BBQ, tradesman tool box, the applications truly are endless.

Love to entertain? You can add a large awning or annexe to create a huge entertainment area to delight family and friends. How about an instant fully enclosed room for even more space?

Fancy sleeping under the stars but don’t like roughing it? With the Ultimate Ventilation package, you can gaze through the moon roof across the Southern Cross and night sky.

Safety hand rails for steps

And if camping among the masses is not for you, get away from it all with your own independent and portable energy system.

.. and more packages available. Please click on the Specifications tab to discover more.



Take a look at the features that comes standard with the Compact.

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Take a look at our range of packages and choose an option that’s right for you.

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You can trust your Cameron Camper for its build quality, reliability and safety.

Cameron Campers and Canvas’ accreditation and more than 45 years of canvas and trailer manufacturing experience give you the peace of mind that you’re purchasing a quality, Australian-made product designed specifically to withstand our country’s extreme conditions.

We stand by our name with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. We don’t just put our name on our campers; we put our heart into it because handcrafting enduring campers is our passion.

We guarantee that the recreational vehicle you are purchasing is manufactured to comply with the Australian Standards & Safety Regulations and is designed to meet our harsh climate and conditions.

Our products are wholly Australian made. Buying from us means you can have confidence in the quality of our products at the best possible price, backed up with direct after sales service. It also means that you can make further improvements to your camper, it can be repaired by us, and replacement parts are readily obtainable.


Click on the videos below to see how quick and easy it is to take off the road cover, set up and pack up the Compact.

Firstly, you need to take off the Road Cover;

And then;

Bronte's Blog

Every idea starts with a problem. Customers approached us because they were unable to find a slide on camper that had plenty of storage space, that was easy to set up, had a low bed and allowed you to sleep without having to climb over your partner.

I saw an opportunity to solve the problem by creating a new slide on camper, made to what customers really wanted and not what others thought they should have.

slideonWe started a new flagship model to create an alternative slide on in the market. We spent three years researching and developing slide on prototypes that were road tested to understand what worked and what didn’t work. The earlier difficulties encountered were correcting the slide on weight and making it fit to any type of utility tray. Other challenges were the thick canvas being use, which would make folding of the tent difficult. All issues had to be resolved before the new model could be released.

We were delighted with the results and the conception of the Cameron Slide On was born. We named the slide on the ‘Companion’ because the Cameron Companion travelled with you wherever you went, like a shadow! Many people were pleasantly surprised at how much storage there was and liken it to the “Swiss army knife of campers as it had everything you need”. You can take as much stuff or more stuff than some people towing trailers with the economy and convenience of a single vehicle.

We believe camping is all about having fun and that it should be effortless.

We also believe that everyone should have a camper that is what you want it to be.

Bronte Scholz

Director, Cameron Campers & Canvas


We first became aware of the Slide On camper at a 4WD / camping show in Adelaide about 3 years ago, and looked at it 2-3 times over the next couple of years. Our initial interest was sparked by the moon roof and I immediately saw the potential of feeling like you were still outside at night, part of the bush and nature, whilst still enjoying being nestled in the protection and warmth of a tent enclosure.

We finally bit the bullet and ordered one in February 2017, and actually took procession of the demonstration model we saw at the Adelaide Camping Shoe that month. We picked it up on the Wednesday just prior to the Easter break. During this time, Bronte and Jan were very helpful to us and spent considerable time helping us.

Consequently we took it home, had one day to set it up, hose it down and waterproof it, attempt to get used to it and set off for camping on Easter Friday.So our inaugural maiden voyage was camping in the lower Flinders wet of Quorn.

There were a number of features that we really appreciated and which made us feel very proud of our new purchase.

We both felt that the wide steps and comparatively low bed were better than most slide ons, and certainly made it easier and safer for getting in and out in the middle of the night.

The drop down fridge slide in the gull wing front box made viewing and access of fridge contents so much easier. No more climbing up ladders to access food.

The slide out kitchen / stove / table work area worked well and we think having a support pole on the end to take the weight off is both necessary and an idea that others might make note of. The 2 burner stove works well and we were amazed at how quickly we could boil the billy for that all important heart starting cup of coffee.

As mentioned previously, it was always the moon roof that drew us back to the Cameron time and time again. It was interesting that when I said to Bronte that it reminded me of laying outside in a swag looking at the stars and counting satellites, he immediately jumped in and replied “That’s what I feel too and that’s why I built it.” It made us feel somewhat special that when I rang him and just mentioned my Christian name, he immediately said “Is that Terry of Terry and Trudye that like the moon roof”. He remembered us even though he would of dealt with hundreds of people. So in our inaugural Easter trip, it coincided with a full moon and clear skies and it was good to wake up with light and visibility in our beds.

The drawer fridge was good and gave easy access to those items used daily and on a my frequent basis.

Trudye felt that even though the wash basin with fold up handles was a useful addition, and more useful than a fixed set up.

We took the camper off the ute and set it up on its legs over the Easter period, which we would tend to do at any time when we were not travelling camping (different campsite very night). I was pleasantly surprised at its stability and also the ease of reversing back under it when it came time to leave.

All in all we like it, are happy with our purchase, and appreciate those features which make life a little easier than in the past. From my point of view, I go camping to be out in the bush, experience new places and sights and spend time absorbing nature and these things that make life worthwhile.

The Cameron Slide On gives me more time to do those things while knowing that life back at camp is satisfying. We appreciate the time Bronte and Jan took to make this possible.

Terry Joy & Trudye Hector

Hilary and I were very impressed with our slide on camper, we were able to get to places that would have been inaccessible if we had been towing a trailer or caravan. The ability to be self-sufficient in remote area’s was high on our priority list as was a rugged built that would withstand the rigours of outback travel. I really appreciated the quality of the tent work and we both thought the wide steps and large queen-sized bed made for very comfortable sleeping. After a hard day of dust and corrugations the last thing you need is to be assembling poles and bashing in pegs, thanks to your ‘Concept/Easy’ design, and after a few days Hilary and I were able to set up our camper and relax with a cold beer/wine in less than 10 minutes.

Chris and Hilary Keeley

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