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Soft Floor vs Hard Floor Campers

Question: Are you confused by the Soft floor vs Hard floor debate?

Question: Are you unsure which would be best for you?

Answer: With the Cameron Camper, you can have the best of both worlds!

Why choose a Cameron !

  • Suits both couples or families
  • Easy one person operation
  • Effortless and quick set up and pack up (5 mins)
  • Great for people with bad backs or disabilities as no heavy lifting is required
  • Easier access for those with limited mobility
  • Passenger side opening for safety (away from the road)
  • Off the side tent for a better layout and can leave car connected and ready to travel
  • Heavy Duty 15 or 14 oz canvas
  • Light to tow for better fuel economy
  • Less tow weight on your draw bar
  • Shorter tow length
  • No cumbersome ratchets, pulleys, winches or handles. No injuring yourself
  • No pegs, pegs or guy ropes required. No tripping hazard
  • Wide easy steps instead of climbing a ladder (more prone to slip and fall)
  • Can camp on concrete as no pegs are required
  • Uneven sites are no problem – camp in those hard to reach places without making time consuming adjustments on the legs
  • No poles to figure out or to assemble or to lose
  • Tent size is not limited to the size of trailer (this is an issue with hard floor campers)
  • Room extension option available for more room (can be detachable or permanently attached)
  • Heaps of room inside tent for those bad weather days
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Sleep without climbing over your partner with extra bedside storage
  • Framed road cover option for extra storage space
  • Framed road cover doubles as a quick awning over the kitchen with instant lighting
  • Easy access to bed area while traveling
  • Storage area easily accessible and off the floor – no need to lift bed or lean over a dirty trailer
  • No floor sweeping needed as has internal self cleaning mechanism. Bed stays clean
  • Quieter underfoot than hard floor campers (they are known to make creaking noise)