About us

hand crafting your camping journey since 1978

Cameron Campers and Cameron Canvas is a family owned business based in Lonsdale, South Australia. The company has gained a reputation for innovation and excellence in manufacturing Cameron Camper trailers and Slide On campers, as well as a wide range of canvas goods from blinds, annexes, awnings, tents and canopies. We also do repairs to camper trailers, slide on campers and all general canvas goods.

Our Lonsdale customer administration and showroom offers advice and information on all our products and we ship a wide range of parts and accessories all over Australia.

Our Logo

The Cameron Campers and Canvas logo is based on the form of a simple C which transforms into a series of segments. The ‘C’ and segments represent;

  • Our name – Cameron Campers & Canvas
  • The intricate nature of our products (campers, blinds, canopies, annexes, awnings, covers, tents, swags…)
  • The way in which canvas folds and creates a new product
  • We manufacture the whole process from start to finish (two C’s placed together forms a complete circle)
  • A path and journeys where multiple versions of the C’s all join together to form roads (hand crafting your camping journey)

There are three colours in our brand. The colour orange represents the earth sun,  light blue represents the water and sky and gray represents the professionalism and strength of our brand.



Our Industry Affiliations

We are a proud member of the Caravan and Camping Industries Association of South Australia (CCIASA), Caravan and Camping Assocation of Victoria, Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG) and Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIA).