Canvas and Camper Repairs

We do ALL canvas and camper repairs. You break it, bend it or rip it, we can fix it.

ALL camper trailer tent replacements.

ALL camper trailer road covers.

ALL camper trailer poles and framework.

ALL pop top caravan surround replacements.

ALL caravan roll out awning (ROA) re-skins.

ALL Pop top mesh window replacements.

ALL blind re-skins.

Repairs to ALL tents, swags, tarps, felt bonded material, awnings, annexes, blinds, plastic windows, doors, screens, straps, pockets, broken zips, restitching, patching canvas & PVC tears, vehicle covers, camper panel, roof or floor replacement, replacement of tent bent bars and poles and so much more..

We have made repairs to Jayco, Kimberley Kampers, Pioneer campers, Easy Trail campers, Cub, Johnno’s, Challenge Camper trailers, Cavalier Camper trailers, Blue Tongue Campers, Adventure Campers, Trackabout, Complete Campers, Far Horizon, Forward and rear fold campers, MDC, Volkswagon, Hiace and many more..

See us to get the job done.

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