Conquest Camper Trailer



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It’s late afternoon and you’re sitting on the bank of a pretty little river. Perhaps you have a well-deserved drink in hand while you take in the peaceful surrounds: Deep blue skies, warm breeze, and the occasional bird chirruping in the trees above. Off in the distance you can hear the rush of water as the river narrows and forms a mini rapid.

The setting sun dapples through centuries-old trees and the mirror-like water takes on a burnt orange sheen. Greedy fish leap from the water in an effort to catch hovering insects, while the kids are at the water’s edge intent on landing tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s breakfast.

Evening approaches and a myriad of birds begin to laugh, chatter and argue amongst themselves on where to spend the evening. If you’re lucky, you might also spot sleepy nocturnal animals peeping from their homes to see if it is safe to venture out for a meal.

And then, as darkness descends, the light shows begins as flames dance from a crackling campfire while overhead billions of stars flicker against an inky black sky.

This idyllic scene could be played out anywhere in Australia. What’s more, your family could be part of the experience if you’ve got a Cameron Conquest Camper.

With a Cameron Conquest Camper, you can go anywhere, anytime and discover all the beauty Australia has to offer.

The camper for any and every journey, the Conquest is beautifully handcrafted in every sense of the word. Created from bold angular lines, its sleek, lightweight design is also aesthetically pleasing and a dream to tow.

But we haven’t forgotten that you like to camp in style, so as well as there being loads of room for any size family, we’ve also included plenty of luxury, practical, and surprising touches throughout.

Whether your style is camper or glamper, on-road or off, the Conquest sits comfortably in any camp (if you’ll pardon the pun). Click the links below and discover how Cameron Conquest Campers are made for adventure.

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