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Thanks for a great Camper Trailer

Thanks Cameron Campers

Thelma and I have owned our Cameron’s Camper for just over 5 years now and love it.

We just recently finished a 5 week holiday where we did the Kimberlys. Buchannan highway Gibb River rd. and the Tanami which totalled just over 4000kms of bull dust and corrugations.

When we pulled up to set up after travelling these rds. the only dust that we got in our camper was through the tailgate as the compression rubber was original and had lost its compression. The dust was only minimal. Compared to others with their top of the range off road Caravans that were sweeping dust out. The only damage we got was sandblasting of the sides of the camper due to having tow vehicle lifted and no mudflaps to protect, which has now been fixed plus broken wire retainers on brake system.

Thanks again Cameron’s for a great product.


Brian and Thelma Brewster