Hot Camp Shower



A portable – self contained – compact – hot camping shower

It’s so easy all you need to do is fill the tank with cold water heat it to a temperature that suites you – and your hot shower is ready. There is no fiddling around trying to adjust the water temperature the water temperature will remain the same for your entire shower.

This shower can be heated without gas — and is perfect for those wanting hot showers in remote areas, family camping, fishing etc.


  •  Lightweight, portable and made to last from stainless steel
  • A self contained compact unit
  • Easy to use with very little effort
  • 12 litres or 3 Gallon water capacity
  • 4 different methods of heating the water
  • Can be heated in the sun like a solar shower
  • Smooth operating – stainless steel hand pump
  • Easy to pump and pressurizes within seconds
    •    Adjustable stainless steel telescopic pipe system
  • Has stainless steel strainer behind the showerhead
  • Height with pipe system fully extended 178cm or 70″
    •    Height with pipe system down/packed up 66cm or 26″
  • The tank is 18cm or 7″ diameter, weighs 2·7kg or 6.00lbs
  • Easy to read thermometer to display the water temperature
  • Has a Spring loaded valve to release the pressure in the tank
  • Two people can have a good 5 – minute shower on the one tank fill
  • All  spare parts  are available if  needed
  • The flow rate is regulated at the showerhead — by tilting it up or down
  • The RainMan is a self contained free standing compact camping shower
  • On/Off control tilt shower head