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Been Everywhere

We are really happy with the ute topper, its been 2 ½ years now and its holding up well, its well travelled having gone to Western Australia, The Oodnadatta Track, all over Queensland and Fraser Island, Kangaroo Island twice, Flinders Ranges twice, Clare, McLaren Vale, the south east and lots of trips to Deep Creek. We have been to places with the camper that we would not have been able to go with a trailer. In and out of cities & towns, and over some very rough tracks that you cannot get a trailer through.
I call it our swiss army knife of campers as it has everything. We have as much or more stuff than some people towing trailers with the economy and convenience of a single vehicle. I love that it’s so quick to set up if you want to stop on the side of the road. The fly cover on the top gives it extra protection from the weather. The cover over the kitchen is great in sun or rain (and we have had lots of both). It’s great to be able to get to all the draws and cupboards without opening the top and stop and cook lunch without any trouble, we also take the camper on picnics as we always have everything with us.
We have added our own bits like a solar panel under the roof rack. Shelves behind the fridge slide give us even more room. Plastic boxes with lids in the clothes draw, and in the space for legs we have lots of room for food (we don’t take the legs with us as there is no need to leave the camper as it’s so easy to pack up and you have everything with you).

From Trevor and Tammy Simon

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First time away

Hi all, just wanted to quickly share a few pics from our first weekend away with the new camper. Super happy with it so far, it setup and packed up like a dream,  housing the cook and 3 kids with ease. Kitchen, when we used it seemed practical enough and we’ve got loads of storage.
So this trip was just a short one to get a feel for it traveling just short of 200kms to get near the Darling up towards Pooncarie. The setting was tranquil and picturesque (apart from a herd of kids that don’t know how to sleep in), and the weather just sublime. And now to keep it relevant to the section I posted it in, my Cameron came to me with all these features and no mods from me as yet.
Started as an hd off road concept deluxe package including some factory mods requested by original owner including extra lift,  bigger tyres, hyland hitch. He then modded much of the 12v system to include solar panel 100w, 120ah AGM and a bucket load of outlets to bleed it dry again. To manage the munchkins he also included the kids room extension as part of the original purchase and full annexe and walls comes with the deluxe. Another little mod that I like is the addition of beside cupboards on both sides and a few extra shelves over the tailgate to rest a coldie or four when cooking up a storm.
A great bit of kit for the whole family to enjoy.

Provided by MySwag 01/09/2013


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Adventure in our Cameron: Coburg Peninsular

Hilary and I were very impressed with our slide on camper, we were able to get to places that would have been inaccessible if we had been towing a trailer or caravan. The ability to be self-sufficient in remote area’s was high on our priority list as was a rugged built that would withstand the rigours of outback travel. I really appreciated the quality of the tent work and we both thought the wide steps and large queen-sized bed made for very comfortable sleeping.

After a hard day of dust and corrugations the last thing you need is to be assembling poles and bashing in pegs, thanks to your ‘Concept’ design, and after a few days Hilary and I were able to set up our camper and relax with a cold beer/wine in less than 10 minutes.

We had a fantastic week on Coburg Peninsular (Western Arnhem Land) and put the camper on its jacks to free up the 4WD for exploring the national park. This only took about 30 minutes and encouraged us to get the jacks out whenever we were more than a couple of days in one place.

So after 22000km’s we have only good things to say about our camper, we would like to thank you and your team for the outstanding support you gave us when we did encounter a problem. This wasn’t a showstopper but you pulled out all stops to ensure it was rectified. Communication can be very patchy in the outback but you guys were able to identify the issue remotely and deliver a fix to the nearest Post Office in a few days, impressive!

Your service when we dropped in on our way back home also deserves a mention. On a journey like ours we expect wear and tear, you weren’t obliged to restore our camper to its original condition but, in 3 hours, that’s practically what you did. Thanks again.

Our next adventure is overseas and regretfully we will have to part with our camper to help fund this. If when we get back, the urge to go outback is still with us, you can rest assured we will be contacting Cameron Campers.

Kindest regards

Chris and Hilary


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Thanks for a great Camper Trailer

Thanks Cameron Campers

Thelma and I have owned our Cameron’s Camper for just over 5 years now and love it.

We just recently finished a 5 week holiday where we did the Kimberlys. Buchannan highway Gibb River rd. and the Tanami which totalled just over 4000kms of bull dust and corrugations.

When we pulled up to set up after travelling these rds. the only dust that we got in our camper was through the tailgate as the compression rubber was original and had lost its compression. The dust was only minimal. Compared to others with their top of the range off road Caravans that were sweeping dust out. The only damage we got was sandblasting of the sides of the camper due to having tow vehicle lifted and no mudflaps to protect, which has now been fixed plus broken wire retainers on brake system.

Thanks again Cameron’s for a great product.


Brian and Thelma Brewster